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Integrity & Ethics

The mission of Highmark Health is to make high quality health care easily accessible, understandable and affordable. In carrying out this mission, we strive to preserve the tradition and reputation that we have built upon our high ethical standards.

Building a strong reputation is difficult but losing it is easy. That is particularly true today as the health care industry, including health insurers, is under increasing scrutiny. Questionable or unlawful acts quickly erode public confidence, causing health care consumers to lose trust.

We recognize that it isn't enough to merely comply with laws and regulations but imperative to abide by the highest ethical standards in serving our customers and community and dealing with our fellow employees. Therefore, it is important that we don't lose sight of one basic principle of integrity — "We care not just for the end result but also for how it's obtained." This means that we conduct ourselves with integrity in everything we do.

Our integrity process sets the ethical tone for conducting business and creates a corporate culture that enhances the reputation of our enterprise.

A major component of the integrity process is the Code of Business Conduct. The responsibilities and expectations found in the Code of Business Conduct aren't new, but they form the backbone of our ethical culture. In fact, over the years, they have become the cornerstones of our commitment to integrity and part of our core values. We invite you to review these standards and hold us to them. This will allow us to preserve and strengthen our long tradition as an ethical organization.

Thank you for your interest in our integrity process.

Melissa M. Anderson
Executive Vice President, Chief Auditor and Compliance Officer
Highmark Health

David L. Holmberg
President and Chief Executive Officer
Highmark Health

Contact our Integrity and Compliance Department

If you have a concern or general inquiry regarding our integrity process or Code of Business Conduct, please contact the Integrity and Compliance Department toll-free at 1-800-985-1056 or use our secure Integrity Contact Form.

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